Giulia Sorvillo, art and nature

Jewelry, more crafts, more aesthetic, more art of composition: at the center of Italy, in one of the most beautiful medieval towns, Anagni, you can discover the ability of Giulia Sorvillo di Serino ( The designer, after a degree, two masters and a course at Constance Spy Flower School in London in Flower Arrangement, has found its way into the creative world of jewelry. “The goal is to create luxury products made ​​by hand from natural elements, which are inspired by art and … affordable,” she says. She added that the foundation of every single creation “is the careful selection of materials in an environmentally friendly and eco-sustainability. The luxury for me must be luxocratico: a micro affordable luxury, ethical and essential experiences the pure materiality. ”

The models that inspire Giulia are nature and art. For the latter, the environment of Anagni (where there are a remarkables medieval frescoes) is a good crib. But she has widened the horizon, ranging from Vermeer to James Bond. For the nature, it depends. For example, the designer prefers freshwater pearls. And then her compositions she chooses white, gray, or pink, from natural elements.

Each piece is made by hand with the use of natural stone and quality. There is fantasy also  in the choice of jewelry: earrings, necklaces and bracelets, as well as clutch bags, hair clips, cufflinks for shirts. You may find it for sale at the bookshop in Rome also the Macro Museum and the Museum of the Ara Pacis as part of the retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

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